20% deposit is required upon confirmation via either PayPal or Direct Debit (local or international) transfer.
The remaining amount is required 14 days prior to arrival or tour departure.


Within 2 weeks of booking confirmation - 100% refund of deposit less oversea transaction charges
Within 30 days, prior to arrival or tour departure – Deposit forfeited.
7 days or less prior to arrival or tour departure - Tour price forfeited.


Ziyarah Tours Do Not provide travel insurance and strongly encourage participants to take up personal travel insurance for own personal security such as medical cost due to sickness, injury or personal loss during period of traveling.


Ziyarah Tours is liable to cover any personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with its TOUR GUIDE SERVICES whilst the tour being carried out. However it will not cover for any personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence outside the tour locations/premises, even though the occurrence is whilst the tour is being carried out.
Whilst every precaution will be taken for the safety of participants, Ziyarah Tours professional liability does not cover any Death, Personal Injury or Property Damage of the participants caused by or arising out of the participation in any adventure activity, including but not limited to rock climbing, abseiling, flying fox, bush walking, horse riding, camping, water activities and/or watercraft activities or similar activities.

Any swimming, snorkelling or bathing in any waters during the tours and any such activities are undertaken at the participants own risk.
Ziyarah Tours, its food suppliers or their employees are not responsible for any death, injury or any sickness due to participants taking incorrect meal dietary provided during the tours, in condition Ziyarah Tours have enquired such food dietary information from participants prior to the tours, and the participants fail to provide the correct information.

Participants with known health condition Must inform Ziyarah Tours well before the tours regarding their any medical dietary requirements, any known allergies, any known medical condition so that only suitable and appropriate activities will be carried out during the tours. Participants are to carry their medication if required in their hand carrier at all times.